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That's why you should never beat yourself up over falling in love with the "wrong" person. The truth is, there are no right or wrong persons in love.

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We are all capable of loving an infinite number of people at the same time. Only, our mind prevents us from being in this peaceful and loving state for longer than a few weeks. And that is at the root of all heartbreaks. So, if you are in love with someone right now, don't love them with your mind.

That will trap you in a cycle of fear. Instead, open your heart wide and love them with everything you have got. Not sure if you can do this? Aries, it's game over for you the minute you stop thinking of the one you love as a friend and label them as a potential love interest or partner. Because friendship and love go hand in hand. So don't make this fatal mistake. Love is a celebration. And as long the friendship between you and your lover thrives, your relationship will thrive as well. Let me tell you a story, Taurus.

Once there was a man who loved God a lot. So when a cyclone hit his town and submerged everything under water, he prayed to the Almighty to save him. Soon enough, a boatman came rowing towards him to rescue him from the floods. But the man sent the boatman away, saying God would save him.

Next, a rescue helicopter spotted him on the roof of his rapidly drowning house and threw down a rope.

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Again, he refused the help and said God would save him. Well, as expected, he drowned and died. But when he reached Heaven and asked God why he hadn't saved him, God said, "Who do you think sent that boat and the helicopter?

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That's your current state, Taurus. You tend to get so wrapped up in how you think your love life should unfold that you fail to grow and evolve when life gives you what you want through a vastly different route. So embrace change and don't be so rigid! Gemini, your concept of what a family should be like is getting in the way of your happiness. After all, times have changed greatly now, and what most people believe to be the ideal family unit is no longer considered so.

So if your beliefs are getting in the way of you loving with an open heart, it's time to send those beliefs packing before they end up destroying your life. Trust your intuition, Cancer. It will always lead you straight, regardless of what popular logic might say or not say. And don't confuse your intuition with your gut instinct.

The latter is a manifestation of your ego and is limited by what you already know. But the former your intuition is a vast ocean that draws its knowledge from sources even your mind cannot fathom. Leo, your career and love life are not independent of each other.

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You are the link that connects the two. Therefore, pretending as if each does not have an impact on the other is sheer madness. So if you truly want to be happy and at peace in your love life, you must first learn to balance these two important aspects of your life. Because unhappiness in one will bleed into the other, and vice versa. Relationships don't survive without effort.

Leo Weekly Horoscope

But if you are the only one putting in the hours, you will soon find yourself resenting your partner. That's the lesson you must learn, Virgo, if you want to love with all your heart. Lastly, as Mars in Virgo enters a more emotional section of your chart, you might want to ask yourself whether there are some parts of your past that you need to come to terms with. Closure is on the horizon. Mars in Virgo is heading through your adventure sections, nudging at that travel bug. This week is also a good time to try something new and make it worthwhile, whether that be by working toward a certification or signing up for a class.

As you become more open with colleagues and business partners, this may also seep into your love life… linking up with the romantic energies at play this week. This weekend, you may feel more adventurous than normal.

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  8. Take your S. Overall, this week is once again booming with social opportunities. All seems well until Friday, when an argument could occur between friends.

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    Try not to act out right away. Things will settle down later. A romance might bloom this week in an area of work such as your job or the gym. Mars in Virgo for some zodiac signs may be encouraging them to get organized. Try to have those tough conversations over the next six weeks because they can only benefit your relationships moving forward. This story was originally published on Horoscope.

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