Chinese astrology pig traits

They love to entertain those around them. Sadly some people take advantage of the Pigs good nature and use the Pigs generosity to their advantage. They have difficulty in saying no at times and would really benefit learning to say no every now and again.

What The Year Of The Pig Means & How To Celebrate It

There are many pigs who have become entrepreneurs and set a successful career path for themselves after an earlier disappointment in life. Although the Pig tends to spend money quite freely, they are usually very astute in financial matters. Another characteristic of the Pig is their ability to recover from setbacks quickly. Once they have made their mind up to do something nobody can stop them. Pigs love spending their money on lavish holidays and expensive shopping trips.

Their home will usually be kitted out with all the latest technology and furniture. The Pig will have many relationships before settling down with their chosen partner. Online personalised Feng Shui report. If you would like to find out more about your Chinese Animal and your Gua number, I would recommend taking a look at our online reports. Every aspect is analysed individually and considerations like which direction to face when working sleeping, meditating, reading, studying and all others aspects of your daily life including which colours are more auspicious for you, who you are compatible with, how to attract more money, relationships.

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In terms of interpersonal communication, they are not good at diplomacy but completely sincere, so they do not lack of friends and good luck with the opposite sex due to their warm heart and sincerity.

Chinese Horoscope Pig Men Characteristics and Personality Traits

They are simple-minded, open and upright and will never betray friends or be competitive with friends; also, they adhere to honesty and make true friends. When it comes to love relationship, Pig people are innocent, romantic and tender, and often leave a favorable impression on the opposite sex. Males are strong and considerate and make others feel the strong sense of security; also, they are particularly keen to accumulate wealth and can make their lovers live a rich life, thus have extremely good luck with the opposite sex.

Females are innocent and pure, and tend to be plump, and very tasteful on diet and dressing; after getting married, they value family very much and love to perform the duty of a wife. Being honest, Pig people are proud of their achievements out of hard work and rarely become a liar or thief. The firm power is hidden behind their kindness; if possible, they would sit on the throne of the ruler.

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However, their indecisive character will set a lot of obstacles in the future. In fact, Pig people are materialists but they are not stingy and like to share everything with others. In this way, they benefit from paying for others. With a simple and insensitive spiritual world, people under the Pig sign don't care about others' insult and just shrug shoulders to show their no care.

Also, they are shortsighted and only pay attention to the current. Perhaps it is this characteristic that sets them free from the painful moments and they never treat disaster too seriously. Being overly generous, they may get deep in crisis. When they fail to meet the proposed requirements of others or help others in time, they cannot face the reality but feel extremely depressed and disappointed. They believe in fatalism and tend to be very pessimistic when they have nothing at all, moving to the abyss of falling due to the self-indulgence.

Though Pig people are frank, kind-hearted and never think of hurting others, they are half-hearted, especially females, who are suspicious yet not single-minded. In addition, their half-hearted feature also lies in that they don't pay attention to the things to be done but handle casually.

At the same time, they value material and know how to enjoy life; they rarely live a hard life and often use and wear the best in daily life. Everyone has the vanity, so do they. Pig people also like to show others the most glamorous side and feel they are valuable in this way.

Being pure is an advantage for people but being overly pure will be another thing. Pig people belong to the latter: they lack of suspicion and often trust others readily, including the unfamiliar, even strangers.

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Sometimes, they become the victim of cunning due to their overly honest and naive character and often suffer financial loss because of this. As a result, they are not suitable to take charge of finances since they are soft-hearted and cannot hold the purse tightly. The biggest shortcoming affecting the future and fate of Pig people lies in their short temper and they usually invite serious troubles due to the disputes.

Chinese Zodiac - Pig (Boar)

They often complain and have head-on confrontations with others. When they lose temper, they cut loose from old ties and cannot adjust or control themselves until winning or losing is determined. What's Your Lucky Number? An energetic, purposeful man is building very ambitious plans. He wants to achieve recognition, but not at any cost, but solely by his diligence and diligence. He has excellent organizational skills, people admire his business qualities. Metal Pig is a man active, easily achieves success, and manages to maintain good relations even with competitors. Bribes his kindness, sincerity, industriousness.

This is an honest, just man, responsibly approaching any business.

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  7. For all his employment, he finds time to relax. He likes funny companies, knows how to be friends, is infinitely devoted to close people. This man is looking for an ideal relationship, not only the external beauty of a woman, but also her inner world is important to him.

    Self-confident enough, so do not be afraid of difficulties, can achieve the love of the most impregnable beauty. Metal Pig is a temperamental man, there are always a lot of fans around him.

    Metal Pig Man

    He is distinguished by a judicious approach to life, does not begin to marry, until he is finally convinced of the power of his feelings. He dreams of a strong family, his plans do not include relations with other women. He cares carefully for his wife and children, he does everything possible for their happy life. He likes to gather guests in his house, a big fan of friendly gatherings with songs and dances until the morning.

    Year of the Pig - Chinese Astrology Pig

    This sociable woman likes to have fun with her family and friends. For all his openness and cheerfulness, she will not start dating unpleasant people. Behind external frivolity hides a self-confident person. Metal Pig is an ambitious woman, strives for success, works hard and works hard.